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Complementing your firm and matching its needs, these Burbank office suites are flexible enough to suit any business and is an opportunity for growth-conscious SMEs to expand. This office has stunning yet functional office areas with the latest fittings and superb local transport connections making it easy to keep in touch with clients - in all honesty you'll struggle to find a better turnkey office. This office space is an example of prime commercial property in America and could be used with company work space or headquarters in mind and is styled to house company from all industries such as law firms and media corporations. Are you after pathways to a burgeoning business network in the local area? If so, book a tour and discuss your options for leasing before it's gone! Chat to the professional consultants at Office-Suites.com to get further information on these popular Burbank turnkey offices.

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Traditional Burbank offices vs serviced

Taking a traditional style office in Burbank can be difficult in terms of its setup. There are long leases to arrange and desks to buy and its not too flexible. Choosing a serviced office for your business headquarters can be a much more simple affair, with reception services usually available as part of the price, you can't go wrong.

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We know the Burbank office space market very well and place many businesses in local real estate properties. Call us on 866-219-3606 so that we can help you get that great office suite in Burbank.