Office Smoke Ban Leads to Fewer Heart Attacks

November 6, 2012

Workplace researchers in Minnesota believe that a recent fall in the number of heart attacks may be the result of the ban on smoking in the office.

The policy was implemented in 2007 and, 18 months later, cases dropped from 150.8 in every 100,000 to just 100.7.

“The results of the study by Hurt et al highlight some of the potential benefits of 100% smoke-free policies in workplaces, restaurants, and bars: significantly decreased incidence of MI and a trend toward decreased SCD,” say University of San Francisco Fellows, Sara Kalkhoran and Pamela Ling.

“Moving forward, we should prioritize the enforcement of smoke-free policies, eliminating loopholes in existing policies as well as encouraging expansion of smoke-free policies to include multiunit housing, motor vehicles, casinos and outdoor locations.”


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