Mike Judge rules out “Office Space” movie sequel

August 19, 2009

office_spaceAccording to director Mike Judge, creator of the cult film classic “Office Space” a sequel to the legendary film would be a “bad idea”. In a press conference to discuss his latest film Extract he admitted to a journalist that he did n’t think it would be a good idea. It is refreshing to hear a director state that a sequel to a film is a bad idea, despite the tremendous financial rewards and pressure that is put on them by film companies. The world is littered with substandard sequels and remakes. It stifles new ideas because film makers know remakes and sequels are a safe bet, or they think they are until they flop at the box office.

In some ways ‘Extract” follows on the theme of “Office Space” as it is a boss who is really hacked off with his staff. And with TV shows such as “The Office”, the workplace has been pretty well covered in terms of comedy for now!


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