How clean is your office?

May 15, 2011

How to keep your office workplace tidy without relying on the cleaners.

It is imperative that office space particularly around your desk area should be kept to a high standard in order show cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace.

The importance of keeping your office space tidy is two-fold, not only do you feel more comfortable working in a professional office environment but also a clean workstation impresses both bosses and external visitors to the offices.

While no desk will ever be completely clean, there are steps that can be taken to keep the work area looking respectable.

A major bane in the lives of bosses and work colleagues is seeing a worker eat at their desk and not clean up the mess afterwards.

Whether this is food crumbs, salty snacks dispersed everywhere or drinks which have been split but not cleared up, the impression it creates is of someone who cares little about their hygiene or office environment.

This can be particularly upsetting if desks are shared with colleagues, for example not bullpen or split off from each other in cubicles.

There should be a basic level of consideration for fellow work colleagues and at least think about whether they would appreciate a work colleague leaving their rubbish over their desk area.

Other problems with hygiene and health issues around the work area involve not cleaning the desks which inadvertently allows a large amount of dirt or dust to build up.

This can be remedied by cleaning the surface of the office desks once a week minimum by using special cleaning cloths.  Specialist wipes can also be used to clean laptops, PC screens and keyboards.


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