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Pathways to a burgeoning business network in the local area and all types of business utilities like restrooms and functional office layouts and brand new office furniture mean this Pleasanton commercial real estate is styled to house business from all industries such as law firms and media corporations. Chat to the professional consultants at to take advantage of these unbelievable Pleasanton executive suites or plan a tour and explore your leasing options before it's snapped up.

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Hire meeting rooms in Pleasanton or take a Pleasanton Virtual Office from our business centers.

Types of Offices in Pleasanton

Commercial office space in Pleasanton is popular with businesses of all shapes and sizes. The team at OS are dedicated to finding you your ideal real estate. Pleasanton has a thriving business center - place yourself in the middle of it by leasing commercial office space in Pleasanton.

Turnkey office space in Pleasanton comes fully equipped with the latest technology and great on-site facilities to suit any business. One of the most popular types of commercial property in the area, this option comes fully equipped with furniture and great on-site facilities like meeting rooms.

Trust us to find you the best team rooms in Pleasanton, we have lots of experience. If you need to maintain open communication at your office this could be the ideal solution. We doubt there is a better real estate firm around at sourcing Pleasanton team rooms.

Bull pens in Pleasanton have a great reputation for professionalism and value for money. This type of commercial property encourages communication and thus, creativity between workers.

Our main listings for commercial property in Pleasanton are business centers and executive suites. Our staff provide very professional help for companies looking for a new office to lease. With all this in mind, we think you can trust us to find you Pleasanton commercial property.

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Traditional Pleasanton offices vs serviced

If you have been looking for cheap office space in Pleasanton on the internet, you may have found many of the executive suites are quoted on a per sq ft or per sqm basis. These offices are for available using a traditional lease agreement. We recommend you consider choosing some of the temporary mini suites in Pleasanton if you want a flexible workplace solution.