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With a GDP of over $1.1 trillion New York state is one of the biggest contributors to the US economy. NYC is a global center for finance, banking and communications with dozens of companies using the city is a location for company headquarters. Other sectors which flourish include printing, fur production and railroad equipment manufacturing. New York state is also the third most prominent grape producing state and the second biggest producer of wine (30,000 acres of vineyards), only eclipsed by California. It also has a huge agricultural sector and is one of the top five in the US. The office space market is one the of the most expensive in the world, and easily the most expensive in the US. In fact downtown Manhattan office rents are almost 50% than the next most expensive in the US. Despite the global economic slowdown of 2009, office rentals in New York are still some of the most expensive globally.

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Office Space - New York?

Commercial property in New York and surrounding areas can be acquired using local real estate companies, which is what many companies will do. The market for office space in New York is fiercely competitive, so there is a lot of competition for your custom. Choose wisely as making the wrong decision about finding offices in New York could cost you in the longer term.

Why for offices in New York. has a long history of helping companies to find office space in New York and the rest of the United States. Our history, combined with great services to those looking for New York executive suites helps us to be among the best in the business.

What do New York executive suites offer?

Executive suites in New York offer a much more flexible office service than a traditional commercial lease because office furniture such as desks and chairs come with the price as does reception and secretary services in general, which makes office suites in a business center a much better option for many new businesses.

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