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The main agricultural output for Louisiana is Seafood but Tourism and culture are very important as well generating $5.2 billion per year in revenue. The principal areas of commercial real estate are Metairie and New Orleans. The Metairie office market headline rental rate is around $20 per sq ft for class A space, with New Orleans posting nearer $15. Some of the premier office locations in Metairie are The Galleria, Heritage Plaza and the three Lakeway Center buildings. The central business district in New Orleans has close to 10 million square feet of office space and traditionally benefits from a high occupancy level.

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Commercial property in Louisiana and surrounding areas can be acquired using local real estate companies, which is what many companies will do. The market for office space in Louisiana is fiercely competitive, so there is a lot of competition for your custom. Choose wisely as making the wrong decision about finding offices in Louisiana could cost you in the longer term.

What do Louisiana executive suites offer?

An executive suite in Louisiana could be a great option for any business looking to save money and not being tied to a traditional, commercial office lease that would usually last for 12 months or more. Office suites to rent in Louisiana, located in our directory of real estate are generally of a flexible nature and will suit businesses in Louisiana looking to save money in what is a crucial time.

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