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Fulton Mall, Fresno - office space - 93728

These offices in Fresno are flexible enough for any company and is ideal for all types of firm from media firms to health charities. Matching your business in terms of professionalism and style, this Fresno office space is amongst California's finest and is either a new company work space or potential headquarters. Are you after all types of handy amenities such as nearby parking and modern and impressive work station areas constructed to high standards? Executive offices in California such as this are a rarity! Contact the friendly staff at to book a tour today!

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N Fine Ave, Fresno - executive suites - 93727

You simply won't find a better executive office in the California area. Styled to house firm from all industries such as law firms and media corporations, it is the ideal opportunity to set your business on the road to success with unbeatable local transport links and services helping you connect with clients and chance to become part of a thriving local business network. With a selection of useful amenities such as fast broadband connection and modern and impressive work station areas constructed to high standards - these Fresno turnkey offices are an outstanding choice for anyone looking to do serious business in California. Easily affordable and contemporary, talk to the experts at to learn more about these one-of-a-kind Fresno office suites. Book a viewing and discuss your options for leasing before it's gone!

To arrange a tour of this Fresno office space, call us on 866-219-3606.

Fresno office space to rent

W Shaw Ave, Fresno - offices - 93711

Supporting all your business needs and requirements, this Fresno commercial property supplies desk space suitable for any size company and is an opportunity for growth-conscious SMEs to expand. This office has modern and impressive work station areas constructed to high standards and wonderful transport connections putting you in touch with your clients - executive offices in California such as this are a rarity. This executive suite in Fresno is one of the most desirable commercial real estate options in California and is designed to accommodate business in all areas from health care to marketing. Hunting for close links to a buzzing local business opportunities? If so, schedule a tour and explore your options for leasing before it's taken! Speak to the experienced agents at to get further information on these popular Fresno offices.

To view this Fresno office for rent, call us on 866-219-3606.

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W Shaw Ave, Fresno - office suites - 93704

This Fresno commercial property space can provide excellent desk space for companies of all sizes and is fantastic for any kind of company from health to IT firms. Fitting in perfectly with your business and its needs, this executive suite is an example of prime commercial property in California and could be used with company work space or headquarters in mind. Are you searching for all kinds of amenities such as high speed internet and stunning yet functional office areas with the latest fittings? You'll struggle to locate a better Fresno office suite than this one! Talk to the experts at to book a tour today!

To arrange a tour of this Fresno office space, call us on 866-219-3606.


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Hire meeting rooms in Fresno or take a Fresno Virtual Office from our business centers.

Types of Offices in Fresno

Want expert advice on commercial office space in Fresno? Then look no further! We have years of working in the commercial property market in Fresno so we use our knowledge and skills to find you the best real estate option for your business. Commercial office space in Fresno is popular with most businesses thanks to its great flexibility and low price tag.

Turnkey office space in Fresno is a great choice for any company headquarters. Not sure if this is the best type of real estate for your business? Call us now and we'll discuss all your options with you.

You can be confident in our our team to get the right team rooms in Fresno for your company. If idea sharing is important to your business then a team room may be the best workspace solution. Do you know how much you could be save by leasing Fresno team rooms?

Bull pens in Fresno are a great choice for start-up companies because you can increase space as and when you need to. Want your staff to be able to communicate with each other quickly and effectively? This type of office space is definitely the right option for you.

We make finding commercial property in Fresno easy, by providing lots of extra information on each office page. The are plenty of different choices in the commercial property market, so use our expert advice to guide you. We cannot give an exact cost for Fresno commercial property on the page as it varies according to individual circumstances.

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Fresno Executive suites

Fresno office suites to rent are available in many shapes and sizes and we have the best temporary office space in Fresno listed on this page including those with low rents and those suitable for businesses with a slightly higher budget.

Traditional Fresno offices vs serviced

Before you put pen to paper and agree to sign a lengthy lease agreement with a commercial real estate company in Fresno, think about using temporary executive suite space instead. It can be a much more efficient option for your company. Whether you are a company director or as they say in some parts, a “sole trader”, you could save thousands of dollars by not using a conventional office lease.

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